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Accelerate your digital project

Rocket Bootstrapper helps projects fail less. When you’re building a product, you’re flooded with questions such as: How do I get started? Do I need to hire ? How have other companies been successful?

Luckily, we’re bringing together topics and key findings to help you making your project a success. Sharpen your skills from ideation to market, learning from entrepreneurs and project leaders who DO.



Discover, select and apply the approach that you believe will help your team to effectively deliver your software on-time, on-schedule and to-specification. (Lean, Scrum, etc)

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Tools & Assets

Find tools & resources that will accompany you until your product will find its market. Ease the making of logos, websites, design, management, productivity etc..

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Pitch & decks

Learn best practices to drastically improve your presentation skills. Grab your audience right from the start and make sure they will be seduce.

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Human Resources

Learn to hire talented people to reinforce or put in place a balanced team. Learn how to manage your collaborators along the product development journey.

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Sometimes, in order to reflect on your project, you have to step away from it. Find inspiration and discover new entrepreneurial ways of thinking to shape your mind.

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Discover startup related tips, best practices and states of mind to ease your journey to success.

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Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.

- Elon Musk