Seduce your B2B audience with psychology

Too often, apprentice entrepreneurs and project leaders tend to think that the first person they met, inside a corporation, who seems interested or curious about their project will be the one that will buy their product.

Even if the person you met understand clearly how your product could benefit its organization, there is absolutely no guarantee that this person has the power and permissions to take decisions by himself within the corporation.

Moreover, the fact that this person gives you positive feedbacks does not mean he will eventually end up buying your product.

Let me explain why :

Why most prospects in large organizations won’t bother buying your product?

First of all, people are polite. Nobody will directly tell you that your product is boring and uninteresting.

Moreover, keep in mind that, we, humans are lazy and selfish. People you met inside their organizations are human, therefore, consider they are fundamentally a bit lazy and selfish.

From the potential « buyers »’s point of view, buying your product will sometimes require too much efforts, too much works with nothing in return for them.

If you want to sell your product to a large organisation, make sure you know precisely who has something to win buying your product and what you are able to offer them.

  1. Find the ROI for the company.
  2. But also find the ROI for the actual buyer or the person inside the corporation who will be the most interested to buy your product or service.

Finding ROI for the company is quite obvious, right? At the contrary, offering something for the self centered human in front of you is unfortunately most of the time forgotten.

To better understand what you could offer to the person in front of you, first you need to put yourself inside their own shoes.

What trigger actions from workers inside corporations ?

Most of people :

  • Are afraid of their hierarchy.
  • Wish to create value (to be proud of theirs actions) -> self-estim
  • Dream to be known and recognized as useful persons internally.


How to seduce contacts you met?

Give confidence to the person in front of you that your product will be a success inside his corporation. That they will not make mistakes buying or pushing internally to deploy your product. This way he will project himself as a hero within its peers even if he is not the end user of your product.

Demonstrate/Prove values instead of just talking. To be confident, people needs proof, not only speeches.

Once you demonstrated to your contact the value that will benefit simultaneously him and his corporation, you also need to help him sell your project internally to its hierarchy. Try to understand what he needs to promote your ideas internally and offer him weapons, such as documents, flyers, etc).


Conclusion :

Of course, it is a lot more easier to explain those psychology tricks instead of applying them. But, understanding theory could surely help you becoming more efficient while selling your project. Even sometimes to someone internally within your own organization…

By the way, it can also be interesting to be aware of customers and buyers psychology even while you are building your product: To prove and demonstrate that your project will be a success inside large organizations, you may wish to develop dashboards and provide real time key metrics available from your product.

As always, I wish you my best for your projects.