How remote work helped me work better

My job always represented a huge part of my life. I have always been deeply engaged in each of my professional experiences.

From the beginning of my professional life, 10 years ago, I always did my best to get jobs I loved and I built my career in a passionate way. If we consider we spend an average of 8 hours every day working, we better be happy to wake up every morning, right?

Sometimes, even if we deeply enjoy and appreciate our job and projects, we end up a bit stressed by the intense and endless rhythms of our lives.

As an entrepreneur, I took the opportunity to try different methods to improve my productivity while improving my quality life.

Discover in this post how I successfully applied a part time home working method while managing a team efficiently.


Each morning entirely dedicated to customers or team meetings

Every morning, you will find me at the office. I am and will be available for Scrum ceremonies, HR interviews, customer meetings, project management meetings, etc.. Each morning, I am most of the times an operator and a manager. As a CTO, management has always represented a huge part of my job.

Before applying remote work on a daily basis, I often ended up by over-managing my teams. I spent most of the entire day in meetings and I didn’t find enough time to actually “do” things and focus on side projects.

We all already experienced situations, at the office, in which it is impossible to focus on a specific task. Either, someone ask us something every minute, either ambient chats make the open space so loud it becomes very hard to focus. Noise pollution, distractions are poisons for performance and productivity. By dedicating my entire morning to meetings, it allows me to focus on important subjects and reject useless meetings systematically.


Each afternoon dedicated on execution, without noise pollution

Every afternoon, when I don’t have any important customer meetings to attend, you will find me at home. Being home allows me to actively focus on side projects and important tasks. At home, I create and become a “doer” and less a manager. Being home also allows me to avoid useless team talk, to not be distracted every minute by noise pollution and office activities.

Sometimes, discussing with the team is still mandatory. I am not saying that I don’t ever interact at all with any of my teammate every afternoon. Of course, I interact with them and collaborative tools, such as Slack, Skype, Google for Business are perfect to keep in touch from everywhere.


Less wasted time = quality life

  • What a pleasure to be home early, to not be stuck in traffic jams wondering if I won’t be late to pickup my kids from school.
  • What a pleasure to eat something else than a sandwich in front of my desk.
  • What a pleasure to work feeling safe, relax in my own house while working.

Gone are the days when I was losing precious time in traffic jams or cause of distracting office activities. My quality life and my productivity improved drastically. Seriously, writing this article, I found absolutely zero negative aspect to talk about working half day remotely.

I insist voluntarily on the importance of the “part time half day” of my remote work strategy. I am not half week out of the office, I am still available at the office every single day which simplify and ease human relationships. I won’t apply a half week remote work strategy, because it will certainly end up causing communication issues between me and my teammate and disturb ongoing projects.



I suppose you understood, reading those few lines, that I don’t plan to make any changes in my day to day organisation. I love it!!

Remote work might not work for everybody but splitting my day in 2 distinct parts works amazingly well for me and does not affect my work at all. However, lot of people admit they won’t be able to focus enough being outside their offices and especially at home.

If you didn’t tried “Home working” yet, try to isolate yourself in meeting rooms from time to time. You might realize the positive effect of calm and tranquility and discover how it can positively affect your work.

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