How to animate Scrum retrospectives differently

I have always been a huge fan of continuous improvements guaranteed by the iterative process of the Scrum framework. In my team, we are applying agile methodologies for a while now, and after several years, we realized that ceremonies were no longer as...
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Design Thinking Part 2 : How to clearly define problems encountered by your users

In one of my previous posts about the “Design Thinking” process, we learned how to empathize to help isolate problems and ideas from users of our digital application. If you need a reminder to understand what is Design Thinking, I invite you to read...
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Design Thinking Part 1 : Workshops and methods to understand your audience’s needs

Most articles I have read about “Design Thinking” quickly present the 5 main steps of the concept and conclude without more details. I wanted to go a bit further, describing how in practice you can try applying the “Design Thinking” process...
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