About Rocket Bootstrapper

While creating products, tech leaders, product managers, entrepreneurs need to accumulate skills in various areas such as product development, human resources, management, marketing, customer service, and so on.

That’s what rocketbootstrapper.com is about: learnings, management methodologies but also leader’s mistakes and failures. How to start developing a tech product and be sure to find a market fit for it. Every aspects of building a complete product will be covered.

Why Rocket Bootstrapper?

4 specific answers come directly to my mind when I wonder myself why I decided to launch rocketbootstrapper.com.

  • To Keep notes of my entrepreneur experiences (for myself and obviously with those who will find them interesting)
  • To motivate myself to dig deeper each subject that matters, and in the process improving my own knowledge.
  • To improve my english. (My mother tongue is french)
  • Because it is never too late to have a social media presence. (Yes I created my personal twitter account as a 2016 new year resolution with this website.)

– Thomas Thelliez

Intended audience

  • Anyone making a living of designing and building amazing tech products : product manager, tech leader, CTO, etc..
  • Anyone dreaming to start a business (maybe some of you already did) and need to find information about entrepreneurial subjects and product management.

About Thomas Thelliez


In 2010, I founded my first company “Eenox” and sold it two years later.

In 2013, I co-founded Jooxter, a company focused in smart building innovation. At Jooxter, we built a Saas product (mobile & web) improving occupancy rates of large buildings using an innovative technology based on IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning (AI). After two years of self-financing, we raised 1 Million Euros to expand our sales effort in Europe (Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Italy, etc).

Open source project creator

In 2007, I created the “KontrolPack” open source project which has been downloaded more than 100 000 times and is still integrated in Ubuntu, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

In 2009, I created a second open source project “FeelHome”. I learned marketing techniques and created sufficient buzz on Tech medias such as LifeHacker or MacLife resulting in thousands of downloads each week.


I help companies migrating or building their IT or mobile based architecture as a software architect and digital transformation expert.


The 1st January of 2016, I launched Rocket Bootstrapper to share my experiences and passion in problem solving, product building, Scrum, Design Thinking and other product related methodologies.


I also teach Artificial Intelligence and J2EE technologies in several French universities.